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I am a country bumpkin at heart. Wallowing in the beauty of our universe is what really blows my hair back. I adore nature, I cry in animal films, I wept with heartfelt pain during the movie, ‘War Horse’ – that’s me.
But, I write suspense, thriller and family saga in the most diverse settings.
I was born and raised on a very special farm in Southern Rhodesia eons ago! I still exist, but Southern Rhodesia doesn’t! It’s now known as Zimbabwe. My ancestry is British, and I’m now settled in England with my husband.

Painting and writing are my creative escapes. Being with horses is my greatest passion, having been raised on the back of my father’s polo ponies. Intwined in many of my tales is some equine intrigue. Mother nature and the preservation of our planet is another topic I hold dear, for I have grandchildren and I’d like them to experience some of the thrills of what is found out there. It’s astounding. Let us commit to keeping it safe for future generations.

I have travelled extensively throughout Africa, Europe and Australia and many of my books are based on true stories.
My aim is to keep my readers inspired, learning while reading and travelling where I have travelled, without leaving home.

“Life Itself Is The Most Wonderful Fairy Tale”

Hans Christian Andersen

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