Beneath the Lemonwood Tree

Book 2 in the Whitaker Trilogy
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Solomon Tlale harbours an unrelenting grudge against Melonie, blaming her for the death of a relative. Despite the court’s verdict of self-defence.
Melonie finds herself in a constant battle for survival as Solomon pursues her, his thirst for vengeance leaving a trail of chaos in his wake.
His failed attempts on her life drive him to target her racehorses, her loved ones and even the jockeys associated with her, plunging Gary and Melonie into a relentless cycle of fear and uncertainty.

With a network of contacts and familiar ties in South Africa, Solomon orchestrates a campaign of surveillance and manipulation, seeking to destroy everything she holds dear.

As Solomon’s intricate web of deceit begins to unravel, questions arise about his true motives. Meanwhile Melonie’s resilience shines through, her unwavering spirit a beacon of strength amidst the turmoil. But the toll of Solomon’s actions leaves her grappling with profound heartache and the realisation that the battle for justice may come at a staggering cost.