An Equus Soul Technique
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By using this simple, but magical technique to communicate and build a powerful bond with the horses in your life — and other animals too — in a far closer and deeper way than ever before. By using their language to communicate our desires to them, it makes it easier for them to understand what we want. The technique offers the opportunity to create a lasting partnership built on trust.

Through careful observations and years of experience working with thousands of horses and people, author and creator of the Equus Soul Technique, Diana Robinson, takes us on an intimate journey of a horse’s life that starts at birth and travels through their life to old age. Discover the silent language of Equus and the value of observation and kindness. Develop a much clearer understanding of how the horse thinks and reacts to certain situations.

Learn how to apply the technique to foals, weanlings, yearlings, pre-backing, traumatised horses, re-schooling of badly trained horses and assisting those that are ill-mannered and dangerous from years of mismanagement. This book is an intimate journey spanning sixty years of Diana Robinson’s life. A life story spent completely immersed in the world of horses. Through her careful observations as a young girl, and then working with persons with disabilities, she was able to see a window into the soul of the horse. Hear how she developed an incredible relationship with often very emotionally broken horses and how her many horses helped her through traumatic times in her own life.

Get Connected on a magical level with your horse.

This book isn’t science, it’s soul food.