The One Who Stays

Diana was captivated by the rich tapestry of history that unfolded before her, a tale so compelling it demanded to be immortalized within the pages of a novel.

With fervent belief in its rightful place among the esteemed classics of literary love, she embarks on a journey to weave together a narrative that will stand alongside the legendary epics of African literature, evoking echoes of the timeless saga of the “Thornbirds.”

Set against the enchanting backdrop of the African continent, where stories of love, resilience, sacrifice, and tragedy intertwine, this saga unfolds over eight decades.

It begins when wounded war hero, Captain Thomas Percival Armstrong seeks solace and adventure, and carves out a new life in the rugged landscape of Southern Rhodesia. Inspired by the exploits of Sir Cecil John Rhodes, he stakes his claim to vast tracts of land, laying the foundation of an extraordinary legacy.

As Armstrong builds his empire – a sprawling pine forest and thriving cattle ranch, he seeks companionship and marries a woman who brings light to his life. Together they endure the hardships of farming life during WWII. The world breathes a sigh of relief when WWII ends, leaving Christopher Barrington, a sailor, who gave one years’ service, without hope in battered England.

He calls upon his uncle, Thomas Armstrong, to assist in managing the estate and takes over the cattle ranch.  Christopher discovers a deep love for the land and forges a bond with a talented artist from London.

What begins as a tale of hope and promise soon descends into tragedy of unimaginable proportions, shattering dreams and defying the very fabric of fate.

As Diana chronicles the tumultuous journey of these characters, she crafts a narrative that transcend time and place, offering readers a glimpse into the heart of Africa and the indomitable spirit of its people she loves and admires.