The River of Conflict

The gripping tale of one woman’s quest to conquer the mighty Nile River from source to sea is intertwined with the harrowing plight of orphaned victims in war-torn South Sudan.

As she and her intrepid team navigate treacherous white water, face off against menacing crocodile and hippo, and confront the dangers of the wild, they are also confronted with the heartbreaking realities of war and the resilience of the human spirit. Along the way, they encounter the marginalized Batwa people, whose fate becomes intertwined with their own in a desperate bid for survival.

Amidst the backdrop of danger and adventure, a deeper mission emerges as the rescue of the orphans uncovers a sinister underworld of human trafficking and medical abuse.

Determined to shed light on this dark reality, the protagonist’s quest for justice becomes as vital as her historic journey down the Nile.
Against all odd, she reaches the sea, achieving a historic milestone as the first person to conquer the legendary river. But as the waters calm, the true test of her strength begins as she confronts the demons of her past and fights to protect those she holds dear.