Winds of Change

Book 1 of the Whitaker Trilogy

The story starts in the tragic days of the death throes of a highly successful country called Rhodesia. The backbone of its economy, agriculture, became the focal point of the guerrilla war. Cruel and fearful. Farmers were the front line – remote and often alone to defend themselves.

Melonie Johns is a young 16-year-old. She survives the first terrifying night attack on her family’s homestead, Blue Winds farm. The terrorists return months later and abduct her.  She is forcefully taken from her family home and marched to a terrorist camp deep within Mozambique.

Rescued under unusual circumstances, she is returned to her family a wanted woman. The devastating consequences of her actions breeds a vendetta that follows her.  They leave Rhodesia in a highly emotional state and settle with Melonie’s grandmother – Iris Paige – a racehorse breeder in Natal, South Africa. One thing that won’t burn out: her kidnapper’s vendetta. Like an octopus hiding in a dark cave, its tentacles keep reaching out to her.

The saga continues in Beneath the Lemonwood Tree (book two of the Whitaker Trilogy).